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Swim Ulster Limited (“SU”) (originally founded in 1893 as the Ulster Branch of the Irish Amateur Swimming Association) was established in 2005 as a company limited by guarantee. Swim Ulster is part of the Swim Ireland family and is recognised by Sport NI as the governing body for aquatic sports in Ulster. A non-profit making company, SU operates within the framework defined in its Memorandum and Articles of Association. These identify the members of the company as being drawn from swimming, water polo, diving and synchronised swimming clubs in Ulster that are affiliated to Swim Ireland. SU has approximately 3,500 members in 40 clubs.

Swim Ulster offices are located at Aurora Aquatic & Leisure Complex, Northern Ireland’s premiere 50m Olympic Size Swimming Pool.
 Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex is a £38m leisure facility at Valentines Playing Fields. Run by the Northern Community Leisure Trust the 50m pool is equipped with a moving floor, and can be adjusted for both length and depth to accommodate a range of uses such as swimming galas, water sports and aqua aerobics. The leisure pool offers families a range of attractions including NI’s first ever sidewinder slide and flumes. The site also runs a fantastic swimming lesson programme, with over 2,500 pupils per year, each striving for Swim Ireland accreditation.


Swim Ireland, in collaboration with Swim Ulster, has established a Performance Centre in Bangor, marking a significant milestone in the development and support of competitive swimming in Ireland. This strategic move aims to provide elite swimmers with state-of-the-art training facilities, cutting-edge coaching, and support services designed to enhance their performance on the international stage.

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The executive team, at the forefront of Swim Ulster, is dedicated to creating opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels, from grassroots to elite competition. The team continues to grow alongside the Swim Ulster mission. They are instrumental in organising events, developing athletic and coaching talent, and ensuring adherence to the highest standards of safety and sportsmanship. Through strategic leadership, Swim Ulster not only promotes aquatic sports in Ulster but also cultivates a community united by a passion for swimming, diving, and water polo. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their continuous efforts to innovate and elevate the standards of aquatic sports in Ulster.

Stephen cuddy

Stephen Cuddy
Chief Executive

linda stoops

Linda Stoops
Operations & Competitions Officer

ruth mcquillan

Ruth McQuillan
Coach & Club Development Officer

mark Craig talent id

Mark Craig
Pathway Development Coach

Phil Kelly water polo

Phil Kelly
Water Polo Development Officer

Richard timms

Richard Timms
Open Water Development Officer


Mark Stoops
Operations & Communications Officer

Steven mcquillan

Steven McQuillan
Aquatics Developement

Tom Causer Schools & Community Development Officer



  • Swim Ulster is committed to safeguarding the privacy and data security of its members and stakeholders. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have implemented stringent data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data. GDPR mandates that organisations handle personal data with the utmost care and transparency, and at Swim Ulster, we take this responsibility seriously.

  • Our comprehensive GDPR compliance measures encompass data collection, processing, storage, and disposal. We have developed a detailed GDPR policy document that outlines our commitment to protecting your data rights and provides insights into how we collect, use, and secure your personal information. To access the full GDPR policy and understand how we handle your data, please refer to the PDF document linked below.


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