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Swim Ulster offers an exhilarating and comprehensive calendar of galas, catering to swimmers of all abilities and levels. This dynamic schedule includes:

Development Galas: A fantastic opportunity for up-and-coming swimmers to dive into the world of competitive swimming, showcasing their growing skills and gaining invaluable experience.

Qualifying Galas: These events are where swimmers push their limits to achieve qualifying times for a spot in more prestigious competitions.

Ulster Short Course Championships: A fast-paced and exciting event where swimmers compete in the shorter format, making for an electrifying atmosphere as they sprint towards personal bests and record-breaking performances.

Ulster Long Course Championships: Witness the endurance and technique of swimmers in a full-length pool setting, a true test of stamina and skill in this highly anticipated championship.

Ulster Age Group & Youth Championships: A showcase of young talent, this event brings together the best of Ulster’s youth swimmers, competing for glory and the chance to be recognised as the stars of tomorrow.

War Memorial Gala: A unique and prestigious event, blending competitive spirit with commemoration, adding a layer of historical significance and honour to the competitive calendar.

Swim Ulster Swim Festival for Development Swimmers: A celebration of emerging talent, this festival is not just a competition but a carnival of swimming, where development swimmers get to experience the joy and excitement of participating in a large-scale event, encouraging them to pursue their passion for swimming.



The “Aquasprint Junior Swimming League,” sponsored by Forest Feast, is an integral part of Swim Ulster’s initiative. This league focuses on promoting swimming at the grassroots level, encouraging young people aged 8 to 12 to engage in competitive sports and lead active, healthy lifestyles. With participation from 26 clubs and 1600 young swimmers, the league operates in five divisions, culminating in finals in June. The sponsorship aligns with Forest Feast’s commitment to fostering fitness and healthy eating among families. Notable athletes like Emma Reid and Conor Ferguson, who started their swimming careers in Aquasprint, have since achieved success in international competitions like the Commonwealth Games, highlighting the league’s role in nurturing young talent.

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