At the Ulster National Centre, Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland take immense pride in our commitment to nurturing both swimming talent and educational aspirations. This endeavour is made possible through a collaborative effort from Swim Ireland High Performance and Swim Ulster, with the invaluable support of Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland.

our 2023/2024 Resident athletes

National Centre Ulster staff are committed to nurturing and elevating the potential of athletes throughout Northern Ireland as well as any Irish athletes who engage in the programme. As we gear up for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2024 and 2028, our mission remains clear: to provide unwavering performance support and operate as a pivotal performance hub for swimming within Ulster. Say hello to our current full-time athletes.

Adam Colgan swim ulster

Adam Colgan

Lisburn Swimming Club

100/200m Freestyle

benji Cummins swim ulster

Benji Cummings

Ards Swim Club

100/200m Breaststroke

Lottie Cullen swim ulster

Lottie Cullen

Swim Belfast

50/100/200m Backstroke

cody dunnion swim ulster

Cody Dunnion

Ards Swimming Club

50/100m Freestyle

Charlie eat well swim ulster

Charlie Eatwell

Ards Swimming Club

100/200m Butterfly

Matthew hand swim

Matthew Hand

Bangor Swim Club

100/200m Breaststroke

mollie mcalorum swim

Mollie McAlorum

Leander Swimming Club

100/200m Freestyle


Take a look into the daily training program of our athletes and the balanced approach to our long-term focused methods.


A key feature of the Ulster National Centre is its collaboration with the University of Ulster and Queen’s University Belfast, offering unique scholarship programs. These partnerships provide full-time athletes with the opportunity to balance their swimming careers with higher education. The scholarships are designed to support athletes in their academic journey while they train and compete at elite levels. This dual approach ensures that athletes do not have to choose between their sporting aspirations and academic achievements, offering a holistic path to success.

At National Centre Ulster, we deeply understand that an athlete’s career is about more than just sports; it’s about building a well-rounded future. That’s why we’ve developed strong connections with universities like Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University Belfast. These relationships aren’t just formalities; they’re a crucial part of our commitment to nurturing our athletes’ academic and athletic growth. We believe in supporting our swimmers not just in their current competitions but also in preparing them for life beyond the pool. This holistic approach shows our dedication to the overall well-being and success of our athletes, helping them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about the National Centre Ulster, the programs available, or wish to become part of this enriching journey, you are encouraged to reach out. By completing an enquiry form, you can receive comprehensive information tailored to your interests and goals. The centre eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist you in achieving your aspirations in both swimming and academics

" The EAP will allow me to study Law at Queens University whilst swimming at NCU. Thank you to Kevin and all my other coaches as well as Sport Northern Ireland Institute staff for the support over the next few years." -

Mollie McAlorum on the Queens Elite Athlete Programme



Queens University Belfast and Ulster University Belfast are the two most prestigious universities in Northern Ireland, each offering a wide range of courses and specialisations. Both university campuses are less than 30 minutes via personal or public transport from Bangor Aurora and 2 of our current full time athletes are training in the National Centre whilst studying in Belfast. These universities offer a broad spectrum of courses and have specific strengths in various fields, making them attractive options for students with diverse interests and career aspirations


Faculties and Schools

The academic structure is divided into three faculties, comprising fifteen schools:

  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences includes schools like Arts, English and Languages, History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, Law, Business School, and Social Sciences, Education and Social Work.
  • Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences covers Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Natural and Built Environment, and Psychology.
  • Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences offers courses in Biological Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery, and Pharmacy​​.

Strong Courses or Schools

Queen’s University Belfast has 15 subjects in the top 200 globally, with five subjects in the World Top 100:

  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Archaeology, Nursing, Performing Arts, and Social Policy and Administration.
  • Queen’s University Belfast ranks 1st in the UK for Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Sciences, 4th for Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, and 8th for Law.
  • Queen’s also leads in the UK for Dentistry, Agriculture and Forestry, is 2nd for Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and 2nd for Social Work​​.


Faculties and Schools

Ulster University has several faculties and schools, including:

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, and Ulster University Business School.

Specific schools include Belfast School of Architecture and the Built Environment, School of Art, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Communication and Media, School of Computing, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and more.

Campus Specialisations:

  • The Belfast campus is known for its School of Art and offers subjects like Architecture, Hospitality, Event Management, Photography, and Digital Animation. It also hosts an award-winning Law Clinic.
  • The Coleraine campus is noted for Biomedical Sciences (ranked 1st in the UK in three successive Research Assessment Exercises), Pharmacy, Psychology, Humanities, and Teacher training.
  • The Jordanstown campus is strong in Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Sports Science. It is the only university in Northern Ireland to offer various Allied Health Professions courses and the only one delivering courses in Biomedical Engineering within Northern Ireland.
  • The Magee campus in Derry offers a range of Engineering courses.

Research Strengths:

  • Ulster University is among the top five in the UK for research in Law, Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, and Art and Design. It leads in Northern Ireland in research into Biomedical Sciences, Law, Business and Management, Architecture and Built Environment, Art and Design, Social Policy, Sport, Media Studies, and Nursing.




National Centre Ulster Training Schedule


Weekly Pool Sessions:


AM Swim: 6:30-8:30AM

Gym: 4-5PM

PM Swim: 5-6:30PM


AM Swim: 6:30-8:30AM

PM Swim: 5-6:30PM


AM Swim: 6:30-8:30AM

Gym: 4-5PM


PM Swim: 5-6:30PM


AM Swim: 6:30-8:30AM

Gym: 4-5PM

PM Swim: 5-6:30PM


AM Swim: 7-9AM

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