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Water polo in Ulster boasts a rich and vibrant history, significantly contributing to the region’s aquatic sporting community. The clubs in Ulster play a crucial role in nurturing talent, fostering community spirit, and promoting the sport at both recreational and competition levels.

Swim Ulster plays a pivotal role in the development and promotion of water polo across the region, a commitment underlined by the appointment of a dedicated Water Polo Development Officer in 2017. This position is instrumental in driving the growth and professionalisation of the sport. The Water Polo Development Officer’s responsibilities include implementing development programs, organising coaching clinics, and facilitating club development. By offering support and guidance to clubs and athletes, the Officer helps ensure that best practices are followed and that a pathway for both competitive and recreational involvement in water polo is clearly defined and accessible.

Furthermore, Swim Ulster’s commitment to water polo is also reflected in its efforts to increase participation at all levels, from grassroots initiatives to elite performance. We work collaboratively with volunteers, Clubs, pool providers and others to expand the sport’s reach, encouraging more people to take part and enjoy the benefits of water polo. This strategic approach not only nurtures local talent but also contributes to the overall health and vitality of the sport within the region.

Ulster has built a comprehensive player development pathway, with entry level player participation at our U7 & U11 Blitz series, after which players will have an opportunity to join our U13’s Water Polo Academy, then graduate towards U15 & U17 Ulster development squads, before competing at senior level and hopefully gaining national and international honours.

Our player development pathway is overseen by the Swim Ulster Water Polo Committee and delivered by volunteers from Ulster water polo Clubs, who give their time and share their expertise willingly to encourage the growth and quality of water polo in the region.

Ulster water polo Clubs train at multiple venues and support water polo teams competing from Under 7’s age level right up senior water polo, with some Clubs also participating at Masters level. Contact details for all of our Clubs are available via the “Water Polo Clubs’ page of this website.

These clubs, along with others in the region, are vital community entities that offer a unique combination of athletic training, social interaction, and personal development. They play an essential role in maintaining the legacy and ongoing development of water polo in Ulster.

The objective of these clubs extends beyond just winning trophies; they are instrumental in building a sense of community, promoting physical fitness, and providing a platform for athletes to excel. This vibrant club culture in Ulster ensures that water polo remains a cherished and integral part of the region’s sporting landscape.

Swim Ulster Water Polo Committee: Email contact –  wpsecretary@swimulster.net

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